Memory: The Kara Deniz Prophecy

– Day unknown Feb/13/2017:
I was told about the duality existent in the world today, the very fact that there is two of everything, apparently. The blackened palms of the man sitting across from me enjoying a tea and some börek spoke in a broken mix of Turkish and German with scatterings of English words throughout. His eyes were glazed over, and I was not entirely sure if he knew what he was trying to explain to me. Regardless, he went about it as a man with a task to complete. The yellowed stubble of his mustache told me that he was a smoker, and that the return from Germany to Turkey must not have been one filled with the promises that he had in mind. It is somehow easy to see how they put themselves in such a position, trying to hold onto the past with the hope of moving on into the future “like the west” he said; and yet somehow unlike the west due to the fact that the Turks have a “belief” that the west does not have, according to the man. The light of the cafe was that cool light, as found in hospitals or at the dentist office, and yet here in a white-washed cafe with white walls and white light at 11:36pm a man was lecturing to me about my ignorance of the divine workings of the earth.
“Neye do Amerikanz people savash yapar?” he started out with, it was downhill from there. He used the silver bowls containing individually packed sugar cubes to demonstrate how it was that there were specifically two worlds, no more no less, and that the people who lived on the other world, the people we know as aliens, were disgusted from humans because they have not failed to live up to the rules of God. More than this the man told me about the existence of the second yellow sun of the earth. “Ve bizim zunimiz zwei… too” he said while holding up two fingers to further illustrate his words. An interesting fact which has been proven by an American scientist, that I have never heard of, but more importantly was known by the Turks in the time of the Ottoman empire. After the idea of two suns, I was offered a cup of deep red tea, “rabbits blood” or “petrol” as the owner of the cafe pointed out. He knew the conversation with the old man was tiring, it was a gift for my patience with the elderly man. The next topic of discussion was the UFOs that visit earth every now and again from the other world. The man used the top of the sugar bowl to demonstrate this, saying that due to the advanced technology of the people from the other world, given to them by God himself, we would never be able to show that this was true until we started to follow the correct laws of the divine, as pointed out in the holy books. There was an interesting tone in the man’s voice, almost as if he was trying to recall a memory that he could not exactly remember clearly. Regardless he was nice enough so we continued our conversation. Jesus was invisible to the people who were watching his death on the cross, except to those who loved him, his mother and few followers who were there at the time of his death. As such, there should be no surprise to know that he never entered into the cave, or came back from the dead as some others profess, but rather he was taken to the other world by a UFO and came back from there a few days later to tell everyone that “zere ist no God ama God ve Muhammat seine peygamber” in clear and accurate formed Arabic language which is of course the language of the other world.
The man asked if I would like a cigarette, I declined. He took out his glasses and phone and told me to wait just for a moment while he brought forward from google a photo of the American dollar and began to tell me about the “Illuminati” and their plan for Turkey and the rest of the middle east, and that soon they would be put out of power by the word of Jesus and although there would be no war or struggle as “like Iraq, Syria” the election of Trump somehow had tipped the balance and now after all the history of mankind, the horror and bloodshed, after anything that can possibly be imagined; we are the luckiest generation for we will see the end and the change, the re-establishment of the old times when they built the pyramids and great monuments and when the great prophets walked among the people giving instructions as to the word of God. I was offered another cup of tea, I declined, and we reached the final conclusion that anyone who professed to the followings of the holy books would be allowed, should they live in the correct format of the correct interpenetration of the correct version of the books, to relocate themselves to the other world after a specific time aboard one of the various UFOs that visit earth and return back to the paradise world of the aliens.
As for myself I think I will, rather than thinking about what could be with Trump or Jesus or the war in Iraq and Syria or with anything else, enjoy life as it can be enjoyed within the moment of the present listening to the amazing ideas of others and sharing a few minutes over a cup of tea on the edge of the Black Sea.


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