Above the Mountains

Above the mountains – a lone blue moon, on a cold grey sea spread before night-filled homes, scatters sleepless dreams across shallow waves.

Empty peaks and silence, among the bright stars, not yet shattered, it drifts, a lone blue moon.

Pine and cinnamon pass through my thoughts, and all the light reflected upon the waves reminds me of the many ghosts that cry.

— — — . — — — . — — —
İvár ocín Clæksæntof, azg cýn helá Schanvio, scham azg gonfalar kráuj Helmong gepþec jázân Hischuye-geschfen Tubhugaf, staran ullírnâdi Drýníf hlârt skeld Dholschíraf.
Leschmor Lægfílaf ter Yoþäng, íþli Sisung, onnþe ulgedmer, sa platan, azg cýn helá Schanvio.
Sogorr ter Nolguzhec paþac eþín Lægtílaf ter tolá nam geskiges Lærstí poscham ocín Dholschíraf tahcab mer eng acín monohc hlíkâdi Zhedalumaf.

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