Myth (noun.): 1830, from French Mythe (1818) and directly from Modern Latin mythus, from Greek mythos “speech, thought, story, myth, anything delivered by word of mouth,” of unknown origin.

Myths are “stories about divine beings, generally arranged in a coherent system; they are revered as true and sacred; they are endorsed by rulers and priests; and closely linked to religion. Once this link is broken, and the actors in the story are not regarded as gods but as human heroes, giants or fairies, it is no longer a myth but a folktale. Where the central actor is divine but the story is trivial … the result is religious legend, not myth.” {J. Simpson & S. Roud, “Dictionary of English Folklore,” Oxford, 2000, p.254}

General sense of “untrue story, rumor” is from 1840.

In every culture myth and story play, or have played, a central role in shaping the thought, norms, and customs of the people who adhered to them. They shaped the world; through wars and conflict, and laid the foundation for what some might term religion in the modern era. Sadly it could be said, that myths are no longer being made, there are no more tragic heroes or fantastic creatures in far off lands. There are no more cauldrons of what could be, for all has risen to examination through the light of science, human reason, and skepticism. Myth in these days is a thing of the past; but in these modern times Myths can teach us what science cannot, it still has wisdom to offer as we grow and age, as we struggle with the day to day routine of modernity. It gives our minds the chance to break free of those concrete walls, and office desks, and look into those lands that we recognize as far off existing only in the darkest part of our imagination.

Myths for Modern Man is dedicated to bring you there through stories from traditions found around the world, from modern sources. These are not the myths you know, they are not grounded in history and tradition, but rather grounded on the experience of the modern day, the present in which we live, the experiences we all know; taken and reshaped to present another view of the world through the light of what could be if we only gave our imagination that second chance to believe.


Thank you for reading, enjoy.

Angrild Skraufin



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